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Foreword “When I was writing this book, I had an idea to compose relaxation music with the same title, but when I named the album, I titled it “The Power of my Life.” That was interesting, because power and mystery are not far from each other. What difference can you see between those words? I don’t see difference, I see the process; mystery comes with power. Having a knoweledge of mystery gives power, and everyone has the choice of how to use the power.”
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Enlightenment “Recently, I had couple of dreams that showed how unlimited the potential of human beings is. The first dream was about meeting with a remarkable being. All I saw was somebody without a face, but the light from him was so blissful. I then came to some board on a wall, which seemed to be a list of all names, and one had the title “the liberated” before the name.”
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His biography is a gift for all of us who wish to know and experience life in its fullness. What you are about to enter in reading his book, is not just a life story of a young man, but pristine and idealistic approach of exploration of the mysteries of life, and beyond, through the eyes of bright curiosity.


Karolina Pospisilova, CZ

Buddhist teacher

Everyone experiences spirituality in a different way, and this book shows just how meaningful it can be to find your spiritual sense of calm. If you have ever felt that your life is too overwhelming, this book can save your mind a lot of worry. Reading this book was truly an excellent experience.


Courtney Dobrzykowski, USA


I highly recommend this book to you if you are a seeker on the spiritual path or are looking for a heart-felt story with a twist on mindfulness called “lovefulness.” With stories and metaphors for deeper truths, this book touches on the deeper principles of Zen Buddhism and new-age thought.

Dharam Deep Singh, USA

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation teacher

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